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TTIP: a cosmetic update from Europe

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The European Commission announced its intention to negotiate TTIP as openly as possible. For this purpose, new factsheets on ongoing discussions have just been published. One is dedicated to cosmetics products.

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The aim of the chapter 'Cosmetics in TTIP' is presented as intended to 'help EU and US regulators work together to keep consumers safe.'

In this chapter, the European Commission says, we want to:
• enable EU and US regulators to work together on things like safety tests and product labelling
• speed up the time taken to test and approve new products.

The aims

The EU goals:
• agree to work more closely on scientific safety assessments
• agree to work on alternative methods to animal testing and to push for the progressive phase-out of animal tests worldwide
• improve technical cooperation between regulators to facilitate US approval of UV filters already authorised in the EU
• work together on labelling using international practices
• collaborate in new areas such as allergen labelling and market surveillance
• create a basis for jointly developing state-of-the-art regulations on new areas not yet fully regulated.

Sensitive issues

Furthermore, the Commission answers some controversial issues in the negotiations.

Banned substances
: The Commission intends to use TTIP to change the EU's list of prohibited substances in cosmetics.
EU response : TTIP will not amend the EU's list of 1372 banned substances. For …

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