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April 17, 2019 | Congress reports

Essential oils and endocrine disruption pro

With regard to the endocrine system, are essential oils active or disruptive substances? It is to this question that Jean-Marc Giroux, Doctor of Pharmacy, Toxicologist Pharmacologist and also President of Cosmed, wanted to answer during the Cosmetic Days 2018 dedicated to essential oils. Stressing that the issue, in the context of regulatory, scientific, political and media debates on endocrine disruption, deserves clarification and a clear position from the cosmetics industry.

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04 July 2011 Congress reports

Eco-design of cosmetic products: a civic issue, though uncertain

To design, to manufacture and to market a cosmetic product so as to minimize its impact on our environment: this is no longer a trendy idea, more a strong movement, a necessary change for a responsible cosmetic industry. Eco-design, a nice concept, is, nevertheless, an idea difficult to catch, and ...

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16 May 2011 Congress reports

Cosmetic industry and journalism: jarring notes by a complex duo

The cosmetic industry needs journalists to "market" its product to the public at large. Journalists need the contacts they have with the players of the cosmetic world to write their papers for this same audience. A duo that cannot be put apart, each of the members knowing it is impossible ...

Leah-Anne Thompson/Thinkstock - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
21 March 2011 Congress reports

Cosmetics: the future is in "reasoned" formulations

What will our cosmetics be like in the future? How will they be designed? How will they be modified to meet marketing needs, to meet regulations requirements, to meet customers’ expectations? These questions were the topic of the 15th "Breakfast Meeting - Cosmetics"  "Matinales de la Cosmétique"), organized by Sylvain-Romain Cotte (SRC ...

matka_Wariatka-Thinkstock / Observatoire des Cosmétiques
31 Jan. 2011 Congress reports

When"Allergen Free" is required for essential oils

"Allergen-free." The fact that it is increasingly mentioned on cosmetic labels is a sign of increased consumer demand and of manufacturers' awareness of the urgent need to try to provide answers. But how to reach this hypoallergenicity so appreciated when one is organic and/or when one works its perfume ...

09 June 2010 Congress reports

Biopiracy and cosmetics: trends and ethics

Continuation of our reports of the Sessions of the Mornings of the , the breakfasts of the professionals of the sector of the beauty and the perfumery. It is a complex and recent problem which was evoked Tuesday June 15 in Paris, during the 7th edition: it was indeed question of intellectual property of ...

09 May 2010 Congress reports

Towards a new cosmetics: regulatory trends and issues

Continuation of our reports of the Morning Sessions of the , always more"tendency"! For this 6th session in April, the sun is shining in the Matinales garden located in the heart of Paris. On the program, technological innovation at the service of Beauty, a major current theme and yet curiously so ...

Registration document for the 6th and 7th sessions of the Matinales de la Cosmétique? (attention the places are limited !)
01 April 2010 Congress reports

The ethical commitment of cosmetic brands

The appeal of brands for ethical billboards is a fairly recent phenomenon, dating back to the early 1980s. Today, ethics is becoming a brand driver: consumers see it as an opportunity to make a useful purchase, to"do good" around them, while offering themselves the product of their choice. What about ...

Registration document for the 5th and 6th sessions of the Matinales de la Cosmétique? (attention the places are limited !)
10 March 2010 Congress reports

To which label should you devote yourself for your cosmetics?

Organic, Natural, Ethical, Ecological…? Which label should a cosmetics manufacturer choose today to ensure a promising marketing and commercial environment for its products? Should it choose among the existing offer or prefer the new one still under development? This question was the subject of the 4th session of the Matinales de ...

04 Feb. 2010 Congress reports

GMP in the Breakfast Meetings - Cosmetics

GMP, i.e. the Good Manufacturing Practices, is a major issue for cosmetics companies. Codified to become an international standard, they are now, atop ensuring security for consumers, a new competitive criterion for the brands, which some have already decided to emphasize through a certification process. GMP was also the ...

Philippe Masson's message to the cosmetics industry: find your way back to your dream and be subjective!
06 Nov. 2009 Congress reports

Cosmetics of tomorrow: for your pleasure!

The 3rd and 4th of November 2009 in Chartres the convention "Perfumes and Cosmetics - Legal Stakes" was held, organized by Cosmetic Valley. Two full days enriched with rather austere contents (it’s the subject that counts!), highlighted by the brilliant speech of Philippe Masson … wherein this biologist, toxicologist, cosmetic expert, teacher and CEO of ...

12 Oct. 2009 Congress reports

Do we wash our babies too much?

It is customary to wash babies in the first moments of their life in the maternity ward, then to repeat the process at least once per day afterwards. But what if our desire for hygiene and cleanliness is going too far? This question, which might seem to go against what ...