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Cosmetic ingredients: a close look at the American market

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At the 2017 in-Cosmetics Global show, Nicolas Matic, Director of Kline’s Market Research, had presented cosmetic products and ingredients trends. In 2018, he came back to the same show held in Amsterdam to confirm these trends and highlight the specificities observed in the United States.

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The cosmetics market keeps growing on the global level. Today, it represents 400 to 450 billion dollars, and its growth rate should be around 3.5% to 4.5% by 2020. Despite regulations, which tend to restrict the use of ingredients, the market is still marked by a strong profitability, and the cosmetics industry proves better equipped than others to fight recession.

On the skincare segment, which represents about a third of all cosmetics, all categories included, half of products bear anti-aging claims. It is still the most important category, and also the one that drives the market’s growth.

As far as ingredients are concerned, Europe and the US are the two most important markets, followed by Brazil and China.

National markets can be divided into three categories:
• Europe, the US, and Japan, the three most mature markets
• China, a booming market, where consumers shift towards medium to high-end cosmetic products and boost the use of premium actives
• India and South Asia, more modest markets, but with a very strong growth potential

Specialty actives (with a high added value) still have the strongest growth potential, but emollients, surfactants, and conditioning polymers are ahead in terms of …

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