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2019 cosmetics market review: Kantar World Panel reports

Bilan du marché cosmétique 2019 : Kantar World Panel au rapport

How did the hygiene/beauty market perform in 2019? Which segments grew? Which segments have fallen? Anaïs Dupuy, Business Development Manager at Kantar, addressed these questions at a conference organized by the WEG on February 28 in Paris.

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Before starting to dissect the cosmetics market, Anaïs Dupuy made a point of recalling the methodology of Kantar World Panel. The data collected by the firm comes from a panel of 35,000 individuals, representative of the French population.
Aged 15 and over, they continuously declare all their hygiene/beauty shopping, whatever the distribution channel.
This panel presents certain biases, in particular the fact that purchases made during holidays or by tourists are not recorded,“ warns Anaïs Dupuy.

Less skincare

Kantar relied on a second panel of 5,000 people who, over the course of a week, detailed all his beauty occasions (an occasion refers to all the uses of skin care products that one can have, such as putting cream on one’s hands).
“In 2015, we were at 49 occasions per week. In 2019, we’re down to 45. In four years, we’ve lost five. If we multiply that by 52 weeks in the year and by the number of inhabitants in France, we can see immediately the impact that this figure can have on our markets, in terms of purchases,” Anaïs Dupuy analyses.

This phenomenon can be explained by a simplification of routines brought by the minimalist cosmetic fashion. Moreover, in South …

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