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Chartres Congress: FEBEA’s Q/A session (2/3)

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Every year, as a conclusion to the Chartres regulatory congress, the FEBEA’s (French Federation of Beauty Companies) whole team answers random questions prepared by congress participants over the two days of conferences. After focusing on the issues regarding threatened ingredients and substances, it was time to deal with the European Cosmetics Regulation.

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Here is the second part of this article, which gathers questions on regulations, the PIF, and safety assessors.

Questions on regulations

Why is there only one implementation deadline in the text that bans MIT in leave-on cosmetics?
European regulations usually provide for two implementation deadlines: one for placing new compliant products on the market, the other for withdrawing non-compliant products from the market. The single implementation deadline laid down in regulation 2016/1198 of 22 July 2016 , which corresponds to six months – an usually short period – is justified by the fact that there was already a professional recommendation dated from 2012 to no longer use MIT , and that this preservative raises a public health issue.

What are the reference texts to be considered for the right delivery rate of a cosmetic product content, not to risk having it classified as deceptive packaging?
There is no text, only the DGCCRF stance, according to which the packaging delivers much less than the capacity claimed, and it can be deceptive. But there is no figure or margin indicated anywhere.

Green Dot
In which countries is it mandatory to affix the Green Dot logo on packaging? …

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