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Cosmetics regulations in Iran

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If it is a highly coveted market for cosmetics companies today, and if its regulations are quite similar to those in Europe, Iran also has its own registration system that makes the export process quite long. The procedures to follow and the documents to provide were all detailed at the Cosmetic World Tour held by the FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies) on September 19-20, 2016.

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After Hajir Hakim Hashemi, President of the DermEden Laboratories, gave a complete overview of the Iranian market, Joya Zeenny, Quality, Regulatory, Vigilance and Medical Information Manager Middle East at Pierre Fabre, presented regulations in this country.

The procedure

To place a cosmetic product on the Iranian market, all manufacturers must go through several steps that Joya Zeenny listed.

Step 1 
First, companies submit a trademark registration application to the Ministry of Trade, which gives an answer within about 40 days.

Step 2
Upon receipt of the certificate from the Ministry of Trade, a new trademark registration application must be submitted to the Ministry of Health. Once they have reviewed the application, they can reject it and ban the product from being imported, or approve it, within about two months.

Step 3
Then, companies must ask the Ministry of Health for an appointment for a GMP audit: the Ministry’s agents have a whole year to conduct it on the production site.
Meanwhile, the documents needed for the product registration must be provided to the Ministry of Health, which may request any additional document deemed necessary.

Step 4
A Registration Certificate with a number (Iranian Registration Code) is attributed to each product within six months. Every single …

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