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Cosmetics regulations in the EAEC (2/2)

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What should be done to place a cosmetic product on the EurAsian Economic Community’s market? Which requirements must be met, in particular in terms of labelling, claims justifications, Product Information File…? Which regulatory changes should be expected? Here are the answers given by Elsa Dietrich, of Cosmetics Europe, at the Cosmetic World Tour held by the FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies) last September 19-20, 2016.

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Labelling requirements

If certain indications are accepted in their original language, like the product name or the manufacturer’s address (legal address including the country), others must absolutely be translated into the national language of the country where the product is marketed (in Russian for Russia, which is also valid for countries where Russian is one of the official languages, like Belarus…).

Indications to be translated

Product designation : everything that relates to the product’s function, like ‘eau de toilette’, ‘face cream’, ‘lipstick’…
List of ingredients : INCI names are recognized in the Community, but they must be preceded with the word ‘ingredient’ (or ‘composition’) translated (in Russian: состав)
Made in : if the product is made in Russia, ‘Made in Russia’ will do, but if it is made outside the EurAsian Economic Community, the manufacturer’s address must be written in the national language
The address of the person responsible for the product’s compliance with regulations (if it is an importer, for example), must be in the national language
Alcohol content : the percentage of the volume of ethyl alcohol must also …

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