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Cosmetics: what consumers really think about them

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When NGOs, consumer associations, or the general press talk about cosmetics, it is often to denounce the hazards associated with the use of certain ingredients. How are these alarmist messages received by those who use these products on a daily basis? How do consumers perceive their cosmetic products? That is what Cosmetics Europe investigated with a European survey. And the results are more than encouraging for the industry!

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Introducing the study, John Chave, Director-General of Cosmetics Europe, says 'The contribution of the cosmetics and personal care industry to Europe’s economy is huge.We are a major exporter, a major employer, a major investor in research and development, and a byword for European quality. The European cosmetics market is the biggest in the world.
But our contribution is not limited to the economy. While the functional benefits of our products are well documented, there is growing evidence that cosmetics and personal care products have significant positive effects on something less tangible, but no less important – quality of life.
No industry can afford to ignore what consumers say. It is the insights of our consumers that help drive our industry forward. Prepared by Third-i on behalf of Cosmetics Europe, ‘Consumer Insights 2017’ sets out to discover what consumers from across Europe, in all age groups, men and women, really think about our products and their impact on factors such as self-esteem, well-being, and social interaction. The results are revealing, and perhaps to some, surprising…'

A word about methodology

This research conducted an online survey to 4116 consumers in April 2017 across ten EU Member States from different regions (France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, …

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