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Current cosmetics regulatory affairs as seen by the European Commission

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Every year, the Perfume & Cosmetics Congress organized by the Cosmetic Valley invites a representative of the European Commission to make an update on the industry’s regulatory affairs. At the 14th edition held in Chartres, France, on November 16-17, 2016, it was Carlo Pettinelli, Director of the Consumer, Environmental, and Health Technology Department of the DG GROW, who opened the discussions and presented an overview of the European framework.

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To introduce his presentation, Carlo Pettinelli reiterated the good intentions – that is actually quite new – of the Commission towards the cosmetics industry.
‘One of the essential aspects of European regulations on cosmetic products is the fact that they are based on science, in particular a scientific risk assessment, but also that it works in close collaboration with all national authorities, by means of the Standing Committee on Cosmetic Products’, he said .

The new SCCS

‘The Cosmetics Regulation provides for any legislative measure on the use of ingredients or substances which might involve a risk for health to be based on a scientific risk assessment performed by independent experts gathered through the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, the SCCS. In 2015, this Committee adopted 22 scientific Opinions in the field of cosmetics,’ he reminded everyone .

Its composition was renewed in April 2016, Carlo Pettinelli added, before explaining he himself took part in the inaugural session of the renewed Committee, because he ‘ considers his role essential, and the Commission must contribute to optimizing its operations to meet the expectations of the various parties concerned .’
To him, the Committee renewal also represents an opportunity to launch …

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