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FEBEA's Plastic Act: an action plan for sustainable cosmetic packaging

Le Plastic Act de la FEBEA : un plan d'actions pour des emballages cosmétiques durables

AGEC law, “3R” decree, consumer expectations… France is now at the forefront of a global movement to reduce plastic packaging in order to be part of a sustainable environmental approach. The cosmetics sector has already started its ecological transition in this context, mainly through individual initiatives of some companies. The FEBEA now intends to federate and support this movement, and presented its “Plastic Act” and its objectives during a press conference organised on 24 June 2021.

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“We are at a turning point,” introduced Emmanuel Guichard, General Delegate of the FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies). “The French want companies to get involved. 68% of them think that they have the power to change the world. And 74% expect cosmetic companies to act in favour of environmental protection as a priority.”
He explains that although cosmetic packaging only represents 5% of plastic packaging sold in France (i.e. 55,000 tons), the sector nevertheless wants to collectively commit to its reduction for two reasons:
• The subject of packaging is a social issue and a very strong expectation of the French peaople
• Some companies, especially large ones, have already succeeded in reducing their plastic footprint and their packaging.
“The role of the FEBEA is to federate and bring on board the entire ecosystem. Our aim is to ensure that all companies, whatever their size, can join in this dynamic of change and transition.”
And this is the meaning of this Plastic Act, drawn up with the help of the ecological transition consultancy The (RE)SET Company.

Developing the Plastic Act

The Plastic Act is a concrete and mutualised action plan, built around four main principles: the “3Rs” of the …

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