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How will we wear perfume in 2025?


Such was the question students of the ESEPAC (European School of Packaging) and ESdP (a high-level School of Perfume) worked on for their first collaboration. Gestures, packaging, scenography… nothing was left aside for their presentation at the 12th edition of the PCD show (Packaging of Perfumes, Cosmetics & Design).

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It was on the initiative of the PCD show and thanks to Chanel’s sponsorship that two schools with different fields of study got together to think about perfume trends in the world in 2025.
The ESEPAC (European School of Packaging) is located near the Puy-en-Velay, France. It offers courses combined with work experience to train future packaging professionals and grants university diplomas: a Packaging Engineering Master and a Packaging Technology Bachelor.
The École Supérieure du Parfum, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, was created in 2010 and offers first-cycle (Bachelor level) and second-cycle training programmes (Master) to help young professionals get familiar with perfume creation processes, while learning about production, safety, marketing, sales constraints…

The project

Forty students from two different schools (four groups of ten with as many girls as boys) and with different profiles (perfume formulation, marketing, packaging…) spent three weeks together to pool their skills and determine the prevailing perfume aspirations in 2025.

First, they launched a marketing survey with market research, an analysis of the existing situation, and consumer surveys conducted outside places of purchase. Four distribution networks were studied: niche and selective distribution, superstores, and pharmacies.
They also focused on what men will have become …

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