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Humans and the environment: values exacerbated by Covid-19

L’humain et l’environnement : les valeurs exacerbées par le Covid-19

Although the coronavirus crisis is not over and the situation is still somewhat unclear, some trends are emerging and are being confirmed. On the occasion of the CEW’s e-Journée de la Beauté, Pascale Brousse, founder of the Trendsourcing agency, chose to evoke the importance of human and environmental commitment.

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“My mission is to talk about trends, but above all to connect them to concrete and operational issues,” explains Pascal Brousse.

Ecological commitment

If climate issues were one of the hot topics of 2020, the coronavirus will have finished making them paramount.
“This health crisis has sounded like a ‘serious wake-up call’,” adds Pascale Brousse. “We must innovate, reinvent ourselves. This is the challenge for everyone. Today, many groups want to take the path of CSR and go beyond mere profit.”

In the cosmetics sector, ecological commitment is translated into concrete actions.
First of all, the expert cites the example of L’Oréal, which will display the carbon footprint on the packaging of Garnier products. This is a first in the world of beauty and is likely to become a standard.
And then there’s the whole wave of refills, which was already democratized in the perfume industry, but is now sweeping across the cosmetics industry. Cozie had been one of the first players to open the way to self-filling in-store skincare.
More mainstream brands, like Mustela, are gradually coming on board and starting to offer this kind of solution to their consumers.
“We can also mention all those who are progressing …

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