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In the waters of marketing

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Cosmetics are products comprising formulas, packaging, and so on, but they are also promises of efficacy or a sensual experience, claims, and stories told. And with the topic of water, inspiration flows freely! Images, concepts, symbols, stories, and even universal legends rush forth in a flood of sales pitches. This was the theme of a presentation by Laëtitia Têtedoux, of TTDO Marketing, at the fifth edition of U’Cosmetics in Guingamp.

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Marketing is based on facts, ’ states Laëtitia Têtedoux ( TTDO Marketing ), ‘ but even more so on beliefs. The most important thing is not for a claim to be true, but for people to believe in it and be persuaded by the message .’

At least the theory is direct! The specialist breaks it down… The facts? Cosmetic products contain water, or even more than one type of water. The beliefs? This water, or these waters, have active principles and beneficial properties, but they also evoke history and pique the imagination of each and every one of us. It is this imaginary aspect that a marketing strategy must put to work to reach its goal: to get consumers on board so that they will purchase the product.
And with water, there is no shortage of resources.

Water, life, that which is sacred

From ancient paintings of the fountain of youth to Botticelli’s Venus emerging from the sea, from the naiads to the nymphs of streams and rivers, from the banks of the Ganges to the Shinto ceremonies of Japan and the Well of Zamzam in Mecca, water everywhere has always been a symbol of birth and rebirth. …

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