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Packaging, in the Cosmetics Regulation


The Cosmetics Regulation, implemented in its entirety since 11 July 2013, makes it mandatory to the manufacturers to take into account and declare many pieces of information about the materials of their packaging. What are the functions of packaging? Which packaging to choose, and with which implications? A reminder of the diversity of the materials and of the related articles, of the factors that could have an influence on the potential container/contents interactions, and their impact on the formula … During the “Les emballages cosmétiques” (The cosmetics packaging) session, organized by the French FEBEA, on 17 June 2013, Sylvie Marull (the Manager of the Physical Analyses Department in the Yves Rocher Group) to explain the issues.

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The Cosmetics Regulation comprises packaging in full. The Cosmetic Product Safety Report, issued after the Annex I requirements, in fact, shall contain many pieces of information on the packaging material in contact with the cosmetic product ( Annex I.A.4 – Impurities, traces, information about the packaging material ).
As an introduction to her presentation, Sylvie Marull reminded the audience of the equation, “Cosmetic Product = Formula + Packaging”. The packaging is an essential part of the finished product; “It is not insignificant” and is an integral part of a cosmetic product. All the packaging are taken into account, be they or not in direct contact of the product.

The different functions of a packaging

A cosmetics packaging fulfils different functions relating to the product: technical, aesthetic, mandatory and for safety.

Preservation of the product up to its "use by" date,
Distribution and way of distribution of the contents (choosing a pump, instead of a simple bottle, for instance.)

Role for sensoriality: shape, colour, transparence, softness to the touch,
Impact and attractiveness on the consumer,
Role in the marketing positioning of the brand.

Displaying mandatory pieces of information (INCI list, "use by" …

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