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Post-Covid: how to communicate and build customer loyalty

L’Après-Covid : comment communiquer et fidéliser sa clientèle

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, addressing consumers has been a balancing act for cosmetic brands. In the face of urgency and anxiety, how can we adopt the right discourse? Vanessa Moreno, Research Director, Insight Crafter at the Dynvibe consulting agency, answered this question at the CEW’s e-Journée de la beauté.

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Vanessa Moreno’s work consists of deciphering the spontaneous speech of people on the Internet in order to translate it into strategic studies and help professionals communicate better.
"Covid-19 has accelerated the need for meaning in the cosmetics industry, begins Vanessa Moreno. Before the containment, the most commented Instagram beauty posts were related to the benefit of the products and their use. Today, the publications that receive the highest commitment rate are those that deal with the values and struggles of the brands."

Although consumers expect brands to speak out on societal issues, for many professionals, the question of legitimacy still arises.
“Many customers come to us with specific questions. They want to know if they should take part in the Black Lives Matter movement, for example, if they should get their CEO to speak. My role, and that’s the whole point of my presentation today, is to give a few keys to adopt the best strategy.”

A living brand, you will become

To be a “living brand” is to be assimilated, in the minds of consumers, to a human being.
If Vanessa Moreno admits that the concept can be perplexing, it is in fact a personification at its peak.
Brands …

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