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Regulation: what is new, the world over?

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When thinking “compliance to regulation", European requirements are not enough, especially if export is a target. China, India, Morocco, Africa and Middle-East countries, Australia, Canada … many countries outside the European Union have their own specific requirements for cosmetic products. Anne-Marie Breton, in command of the International Affairs in FEBEA, provided the audience with many clues through a conference given during the Beyond Beauty Convention, on 11 September 2013.

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It is a kind of trip around the world that Anne-Marie Breton invited her audience, fingering the different stop-overs with the most-recent regulatory changes, in Africa, Middle-East, Asia, Pacific area and on the American continent.


Until 2013, Morocco did not have any kind of specific regulation on cosmetics, and the Moroccan authorities accepted the European controls.
Everything changed on 28 August 2012, when the Ministerial circular nbr 48 DMP/20 was issued, putting in place a pre-registration system for the cosmetic products.
Mandatory, then, a series of documents to fill in, very similar to the Product Information File, and the launch of a Cosmetology Committee to evaluate the files.
Very early, it occurred that this system led to major practical drawbacks for exporters, further to delays that dramatically impacted the placing of products on the market, as the Cosmetology Committee had very quickly been overloaded by the size of its task.

Facing such a situation, the French FEBEA asked the French Ministry of Finances and the French Embassy in Rabat, the Morocco capital, through a “Note", to try and limit the number of documents to transmit, and to get recognition of the certificate of free sale (CVL, as per its …

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