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The hair product market today and tomorrow

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How is the market of cosmetics designed for hair structured? Which ones are on the leading edge, and in which regions of the world? Which recent changes may lie at the root of tomorrow’s trends? Here are some answers that Sandra Jones, of the Mintel market research firm, provided at the opening of the 14th Scientific and Technical Day hosted by Cosmed on October 10, 2014.

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The Cosmed association, which represents SMEs in the cosmetics industry, organizes a Scientific and Technical Day every year. This 14th edition was called ‘Cosmetology for Hair and Scalp’, and it thus started with a global vision of the hair product market and its trends. Sandra Jones’s presentation was based on the data collected by Mintel.

The global market scoured with a fine-tooth comb

Of all new cosmetic launches between January and August 2014, 12% were hair products. The category was thus ranked 3rd behind makeup (45.04%, considering each shade of the same range a product in its own right, as Mintel usually does) and skincare (25.60%), and followed by bath products and soaps (9.28%) and perfumes (4.23%).

Shampoos are ahead in the sole category of hair products: they account for 35% of launches, ahead of hair treatments (23%), conditioners (18%), hair styling products (12%), and hair colorants (12%).

As for claims, naturalness and botanical ingredients are still a hair ahead: 52% of the products launched in 2014 are claimed to be botanical/herbal (compared to 49% in 2010). However, over the past five years, the claims that showed the strongest growth rates are those that promise to brighten or illuminate …

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