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The main trends to watch for in 2020

Les tendances de fond à surveiller en 2020

Knowing the societal, environmental and economic stakes are essential for the cosmetics industry. These parameters are decisive in adopting new communication, commercial or product development strategies. Audrey Roulin, director of the beauty department of the Nelly Rodi agency, gave an overview of the current climate in France and identified future trends to follow.

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“I’m not telling you anything new by telling you that today’s social context is rather hectic with important economic stakes”, Audrey Roulin starts in preamble. “We are also witnessing fairly serious environmental problems, energy management and health crises. In addition to this, there are new identity models. Some people no longer want to be defined by their gender, but by different prisms. All these elements allow us to identify basic trends with direct applications for the cosmetics sector. I’m going to name four of them.”


Consumers have changed the way they buy. They are being careful, reducing what they buy. Aware of climate issues, they are also concerned about their waste.
This awareness translates into high expectations of companies.
Indeed, they want the brands they love to be committed to the environment, to have a positive impact on nature, to be transparent and authentic.
“You may be a traditional, well-established, statutory player, but you can be abandoned overnight by a community that no longer believes in you,” warns Audrey Roulin.

Conscious beauty
Responsibility generates conscious cosmetics, a return to essentials and minimalism.
It is part of a circular economy and is committed.
“For example, Miro offers refillable deodorants, or …

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