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The new contours of cosmetics drawn by the coronavirus

Les nouveaux contours de la cosmétique dessinés par le coronavirus

With the Covid-19 outbreak still unchecked, it is not clear what the world of tomorrow will look like. To try to help professionals in the cosmetics sector and give them the keys to understand the societal changes taking place, Beautystream has unveiled its outlook for the coming months. The agency’s Creative Director, Michael Nolte, spoke at a webinar organized by Cosmetic Valley.

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“Although the future is still a little unclear, we have some indications of what consumers are expecting in the future,” Michael Nolte starts. “As a result, we can share some data with the brands. We distinguish three themes: human values, pragmatism and the need to escape.”

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Empathetic behavior
For some time now, we have seen that consumers are sensitive to ethical commitments, to the animal cause and to corporate social responsibility. The Covid-19 crisis has further exacerbated citizens’ expectations on these issues.
“In terms of direct application for brands, it is imperative to answer customers’ questions. Professionals need to communicate transparently, to say more about their manufacturing process. In short, it is a question of showing philanthropic goodwill,” he explains.

Conscious Consumption
Consumers have less money to spend, but they are also more concerned about the quality of what they buy.
And they also pay attention to their impact on the environment. Quality takes precedence over quantity.
“So there’s no point in throwing cosmetics all over the place. On the contrary, it’s more judicious to bet on the brand’s basics that can be adapted according to the seasons. It’s a question of exploiting the classics with …

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