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To which label should you devote yourself for your cosmetics?


Organic, Natural, Ethical, Ecological…? Which label should a cosmetics manufacturer choose today to ensure a promising marketing and commercial environment for its products? Should it choose among the existing offer or prefer the new one still under development? This question was the subject of the 4th session of the Matinales de la , which was held on Tuesday 09 February 2010, with the intervention of Mrs Sandie Jaidane from SJ Consulting.

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 10 March 2010 Report from Sylvain-Romain COTTE .

For several years, the market for natural and organic cosmetics has been booming. In France, it has experienced a record growth rate: 30 to 40% per year since 2004, compared to only 4% for conventional cosmetics. This year, it should reach 10% of the world cosmetics market. The consumer craze for these product ranges has led to a multiplication of the offer, and with it the appearance of a multitude of labels. While most consumers recognize the logos associated with them ( EcoCert , Cosmebio …), and that he sees there a pledge of quality, he often does not know its real meaning !!!

The jungle of logos

The label is a sign of identification of qualitative criteria defined in a specification. There is a multitude of them, since today each brand can create its own reference system. These labels are associated with an abundance of logos, acronyms and addresses of certifiers on cosmetic packaging, which are all signs concerning the environment, fair trade, organic, ecology, distribution networks, carbon footprint, etc…. But how do we find our way through this jungle?

Even if globally, the affixing of a logo on a product …

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