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Monday, November 28, 2011Congresses

Trivial, our cosmetics?

Marc-Antoine Jamet - ©Cosmetic Valley

A cosmetic is often considered as a wellness product, used for our pleasure, lightweight as a thin layer of powder. To sum it up, beauty is not always taken seriously. Indeed, it is a real industry that is doing quite well at the same time. This was reminded by Marc-Antoine Jamet, LVMH group secretary-general and President of the Cosmetic Valley, during the 9th Conferences Perfumes and Cosmetics, held in Chartres on November 23 and 24, 2011.

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November 28, 2011
In his opening address, Marc-Antoine Jamet has been optimistic about the sector he knows well, "cosmetic industry is an exception in a country, even a continent in crisis" he said. Everyone talks of globalization and of its negative consequences. We manufacture in euros and sell in dollars, in yuans, in yens, in roubles, in reals."

In fact, the Cosmetic Valley president delivers some arguments in favor of this optimism that may be translated in figures, which speak for themselves.

Did you know?

In an environment of general recession, the cosmetic industry has never stopped its development. For instance:
• a strong growth rate,
• 10 billions euros of exports (a growth of 10%, as per customs data),
• new markets: + 24% in South America, + 20% in Far-East, +11% in Russia.

The French cosmetic industry is nowadays the nbr 2 exporter of the French economy. Every year, the exports by the perfumes-cosmetics sector are equivalent to 400 high-speed trains or 150 Airbus craft.
Indeed, it is a big deal!  

The "Made in France", at the forefront  

"Globalization is THE word," Marc-Antoine Jamet continued, "but we are more and more entrenched in the heart …

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