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UEBT Biodiversity Barometer 2017

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Since 2009, UEBT assessed awareness of biodiversity, and interest in ethical sourcing of ingredients in 16 different countries. Nine years of research, among 59,000 people, and hundreds of leading companies, have provided several valuable insights that may guide companies and governments in their approaches towards people and biodiversity.

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This Barometer is conducted by the polling institute IPSOS since 2009 (2010 for Brazil), and the total cumulative sample is of 59,000 consumers. 16,000 people have been surveyed for the Barometer 2017 in France, Germany, UK, USA and Brazil.

Biodiversity awareness

Biodiversity is a global concept, with high awareness in emerging markets in Latin America and Asia. People’s awareness of biodiversity ranges from 40% in India (2015 figure) to 96% in France (2017 figure). Respondents in Latin America, a continent that hosts many mega-biodiverse countries, consistently show high biodiversity awareness.
Biodiversity awareness continues to grow. In 2009, 56% respondents had heard of Biodiversity. They are 68% in 2017.
Understanding of biodiversity is also rising significantly. 32% give correct spontaneous definitions of biodiversity, they are 68% when aided-agree with the definition.
According to Thibaut Nguyen, Head of Trends & Prospective Department of IPSOS, 'Driven by younger consumers, biodiversity awareness will continue to grow over the next years.'

Biodiversity awareness

% Have heard of biodiversity

% Correct definitions of biodiversity

% Partial definitions of biodiversity



























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