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Water in cosmetic production

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Water is not only a cosmetic ingredient. Apart its importance in formulae, it is also an important element of the manufacturing process. When entering the installations or leaving them, it shall be compliant with tough quality criteria and regulation, explained by Gilles Berhtelomeau, from the French Lyonnaise des Eaux (the world nbr 2), during the 2nd Technological Conference organized by Cosmed in Toulouse, on April 5, 2012.

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“Water, it is simple, but it is also something that is sometimes very difficult to handle.” This motto, given by Jean-Marc Giroux, the Cosmed President, has been the introduction to this 2nd Conference dedicated to water. Water is important when used in formulae as an excipient, yes, but it may also be an active ingredient with very interesting properties.

Water is also an essential resource in manufacturing lines. This water was the topic of the paper by Gilles Berthelomeau, Lyonnaise des Eaux, who came to explain that water should also be considered from technical and regulatory points, not to be forgotten.

The water cycle

From the very beginning: water.
Almost the most natural element, be it designed for domestic or industrial purposes, water is always taken from nature through pumping stations (by drillings, from rivers …). Then, it begins a long trip.

Outward journey
First step: the drinking water plant. Water is settled and filtered to get rid of all the suspended solids, then filtered again and disinfected to remove, absorb or kill pathogen virus and bacteria. 

Then, it goes to the distribution pipes and in the network that brings it to very different users: domestic users, municipal buildings (pools, sport …

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