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Monday, July 8, 2013Congresses

Your next innovation: what about Design-Thinking it?

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Forget the Philippe Starck’s chair, or any of your other design conceptions: the Design Thinking that is the topic here is more a method to create a breakthrough innovation, which you could never have reached otherwise. Stéphanie Machon, the founder and the CEO of the Make it Bloom! Agency, was invited to explain its ins and outs in the 35th Morning Meetings on Cosmetics.

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A pharmacist and cosmetologist by training, Stéphanie Machon calls herself a “Cosmetic Designer". Her agency offers “advice in global design of beauty-health products and services". Design Thinking is her passion.
What is this “Design Thinking”? The Morning Meetings on Cosmetics, these monthly breakfasts organized about a cosmetics topical theme by Sylvain-Romain Cotte ( SRC Consulting ), were dedicated to this notion.

At the root, the design

When looking at the “design” word, in a renowned French dictionary (Le Petit Robert), it comes as “an industrial aesthetics applied to looking for new shapes adapted to their function.”
For Wikipedia, it is “the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system, a half-way between art and science.”
Another French dictionary, L’Internaute, defines it as “a discipline which looks for the creating new objects (or environment) that are both aesthetic and adapted to their functions.”

“Indeed, there are several definitions for design,” Stéphanie Machon confirms, “different along the times, countries, cultures. The current design is rooted in the Italian Renaissance, which had a very artistic approach.”
The Italian “disegno” is translated by “drawing Both drawing and scheme, or the fastest and simplest means to illustrate …

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