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Oct. 31, 2017Congress reports

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Stefan Bures at the Naturkosmetik Branchencongress

Everyone knows our world, including our business world, is going more and more digital. Whether they sell cosmetics or not, brands can no longer afford to ignore this change. According to Stefan Bures, founder and Director of Metoda, a German company specialized in digital consulting, the course towards e-commerce necessarily involves Amazon. He came to the 10th annual Naturkosmetik Branchencongress, a conference on natural cosmetics held in Berlin in September 2017, to explain why and how.

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Stefan Bures boasts 10 years of experience in the digital field. Created in 2012 in Munich, his company Metoda collects data in real time on e-commerce in general, and Amazon in particular. They also provide their clients with a unique algorithm to measure online sales, as well as some support in managing best practices for a successful collaboration with Amazon.

To this expert, today, three key elements are essential to guarantee a brand’s success in the long run:
• E-commerce: ‘young generations tend to buy more online’, he explained. ‘It is really the future, so you need to find your own place in the digital world’
• Platforms: Amazon, Zalando, and others have above-average growth rates and ‘there is no way you can escape that,’ he claimed, ‘you definitely need to adapt to this’
• Data: ‘What you do with your data is actually more important than simply collecting them,’ he added. ‘They help make better decisions, improve transparency and responsiveness, and get rid of a few barriers to entry

The online market and Amazon

Cosmetic products are increasingly more marketed online. Stefan Bures provided figures collected on the German market to detail cosmetics sales growth rates according ...