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DGCCRF: Market surveillance 2017, 2018 and 2019


During the Regulatory Meeting organised by Cosmed on 21 March 2019, Catherine Argoyti and Céline Nowak presented the actions of the DGCCRF in terms of cosmetic product controls. The main topics were: labelling of nanomaterials, relations between principals and subcontractors, safety assessors, “Free-from…” claims and the control programme for 2019.

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As a preamble to this intervention, Catherine Argoyti recalled that the purpose of DGCCRF’s controls is to ensure product safety and consumer protection, with dimensions of metrology (content verification), price information or the fight against misleading practices. Permanent market surveillance is mainly intended to put an end to illegal and dangerous practices but also includes a prevention aspect through dialogue with companies, to support them in their improvement efforts. Obviously, in the event of failure of this approach, the supervisory authority has the power to sanction operators caught at fault through administrative police measures and fines.
Over the past four years, both the number of institutions controlled and the number of injunctions have increased steadily.

Actions 2017

Three specific areas of control had been defined:
• Relations between principals and subcontractors
• Safety assessors
• Make-up products containing carbon black, nano and non-nano
Due to current events, additional action was taken during the summer to verify the presence on the market of products containing banned preservatives.

In figures, the year 2017 of the DGCCRF is:
• 81 departments, 13 metropolitan regions and 3 overseas territories covered
• 1700 establishments visited
• 2150 controls
• 700 samples of products for …

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