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Teasing in-cosmetics: Nightessence by Aschland, the night repairer

Teasing in-cosmetics : Nightessence d'Aschland, le réparateur nocturne

It claims nightly skin repair, a detoxifying and cleansing effect, a regenerating and resetting action of the epidermis. In a web conference on March 31, 2020 (the date when in-cosmetics Global salon was scheduled to open), Justine Cottona presented an overview of Nightessence, Ashland’s new biofunctional ingredient.

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It is a natural lavender flower extract developed with Aschland’s “Plant Small RNA technology”. Eco-designed and inspired by “noctology” (the biology of the skin during the night), it aims to respond optimally to the skin’s nocturnal needs, in a way to reset it.
Clinical studies conducted by Aschland show that upon waking, the skin appears rested, renewed and illuminated, and that dark circles are less pronounced.

Eco-design from the field to the skin

The lavender chosen by Aschland is cultivated in the Alps, where it grows in the heat of summer. The fields are no more than 400 km from the group’s factory in the south of France, which reduces the carbon footprint due to the transport of the flowers. Sourcced locally, grown in an eco-responsible way and without the need for irrigation, respecting the regeneration cycles of the soil and the bees, its flowers minimize the environmental impact of the ingredient. The harvesting period, from June to July, carried out at the hottest times of the day, makes it possible to obtain a composition that is particularly rich in phytocompounds. The flowers are dried naturally and then undergo a minimalist transformation process using Aschland’s patented Plant Small RNA technology …

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