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The elusive Generation Z

L’insaisissable Génération Z

After having monopolized the attention of the cosmetics industry for many years, the reign of the Millenials is gradually beginning to come to an end… to the benefit of their youngest: the Zs. These individuals, under the age of 25, are the new target of the brands. And it’s a small thing to say that seducing them isn’t easy. Just as connected as their elders, they are also very aware of environmental and societal issues. On the occasion of the ADF-PCD trade show, held in Paris on 29 and 30 January, a round table was devoted to deciphering this generation without compromise.

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Born after the 2000s, young people came into the world with screens in their hands.
It’s a hyper-connected generation, fed by social networks and mastering all their codes.
“Today, many young consumers are influenced by the filters you can find on Instagram or Snapchat,” explains Monique Large, founder of Pollen Consulting. “But it’s not just their use of networks that they’re concerned about. They suffer from eco-anxiety. They are not serene about environmental issues. This is the reason why many of them turn to sustainable products or prefer to make their own cosmetics. One thing is sure, if brands want to ensure their loyalty, they will have to move towards more sustainability even faster, because the rule of the three R’s (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Editor’s note) is far too slow for the Z’s.”

A little bit of color, what the hell!

Young Z’s are certainly informed and aware consumers, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to make concessions on the “pleasure” dimension of cosmetics. According to Charlotte Delobelle of the trend agency Fashion Snoops, when a brand wants to address Zs, sensoriality must take precedence.
“We shouldn’t hesitate to play with galenics and textures. It’s important to get off the …

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