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The consumer in front of eco-packaging


The current trend is towards eco-design and reduction of packaging at source. This trend is confirmed by the figures. Between 2007 and 2012, 106,000 tonnes of packaging less on the market were identified. But what about the consumer? What does he expect from an eco-packaging and what is the ideal packaging for him? Laure Boisier, Director of the Lb Qualitive Research Institute, gave an update on this subject at the Éco-Experts conference on December 3, 2013 in Saint-Denis.

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The Lb Qualitative Research Institute helps brands to understand, through qualitative studies and community management, “the needs of consumers to transform them into innovative products that integrate all the sensory dimensions necessary for a memorable experience”. It also develops a study sponsorship program, which consists in carrying out qualitative analyses for causes of general interest, associations or young companies working in the field of sustainable development or social and solidarity entrepreneurship.
From June to September 2011, it conducted a survey in Paris to find out consumers’ perceptions and reflexes regarding eco-packaging. Two groups of six consumers (men and women, aged 30 to 55, household shoppers, regular supermarket and discounter customers) were interviewed in group meetings and then filmed in situ in store.

Attitudes towards packaging

First, Laure Boisier presented the attitudes she identified among consumers about packaging. she divided them into four categories.

Critical cynics
For them, packaging is not important, it is the product that counts.
Examples of verbatim: “I don’t care about the packaging, it’s not essential, it fills the bin, it’s bulky”, “The beauty of the pack is not essential, it’s the quality of the product that counts” or “It’s polluting, it’s not smart”.

Aesthetics influenced
For …

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