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A successful make-up

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It is yet (for how long?) a basically female action. Be it a daily custom, or performed only on gala days, be it almost undetectable or sometimes more intense, make-up gives a hand to beauty … if successful! Here are some clues not to fail, step by step …

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It may conceal some imperfections, structure and lighten a face, make a woman so more beautiful … nevertheless, it may also be like a pancake if too thick or poorly applied! Indeed, make-up is a technical ritual … though it is within every woman’s reach.


To correct, to even, to make matte … are the three keys for a nice complexion, and the base that cannot be ignored of a beautiful make-up. The essential step is a perfectly cleansed, regularly exfoliated, clean and dried skin.

The base
On skins without any problem, a basic moisturizing cream may be enough. Then, it is essential.
If the need is to correct an imperfection, a coloured base may be the right choice. A green shade tones down red blotches or broken veins. A pink colour enhances a dull complexion, while a light orange duplicates a healthy complexion … An evening base may be used for an instant "tightening" effect on wrinklets or wrinkles.

• The right technique
The moisturizing cream or the base are applied on the entire face and neck, as a thin and even layer.
Any excess is removed by dabbing with a tissue to prevent an oily and shiny …

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