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Body care : the male way

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Shower and shampoo one’s hair: is that so different for a woman or for a man? The movements look the same, yes … though the needs of our skins may be somewhat different, as the most suitable cosmetics are also! Hygiene, to control body odours, moisturization … this is the full (and good) program of body care for men.

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To meet the men’s specific needs, the cosmetic industry comes with a wide range of products. Where there is a market, especially a new one, the offer follows, often anticipates demand! There is a product that matches the needs of every daily hygiene and care movement. However, better to use it the right way to get the most benefits.

A shower-gel

In the list of ingredients, after the “top-of-the-list” ingredient, water, surfactants are the major ingredients in liquid cleansing gels. Nevertheless, all these cleansing and foaming ingredients are not similar. Some may be strongly irritant, others (often, far more expensive, and, which may produce less nice foam; keep in mind that foam is not the cleansing agent!) are far more tolerated by our skins. The true mildness and the good cutaneous tolerance of a shower-gel are also depending on the concentration of preservatives, perfumes and dyes.

This being said, cleansing our skin is always an aggression to it, as it attacks its protective hydrolipidic film, an essential step to clean it. Except for some specific circumstances (a sport session, a dirty business or past-time …), a shower per day is the good rhythm. It shall not last too much; it …

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