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Cosmetics on Plane


What is in our luggage when on the verge to leave for the airport? Many must-have items, hence inevitably, cosmetics. Creams for skin-care, make-up removers and lotions, shaving foams and gels, deodorants, shampoos, products for hair-care, eau de toilette, come with us, especially when one is not sure to find locally the right items when arrived. Uncontroversial passengers? Not necessarily. Our beloved products have to comply with stringent safety rules; better to know them in advance, to prevent any difficult time when facing security agents!

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Since 2006, due to terrorist concerns and also to prevent attacks, rules about liquids products aboard airplane have been tougher and tougher, above all for those in hand luggage.

Thus, everyone may be in breach of the law in good faith when going through the security controls, and may have to leave aside many of these essential, sometimes expensive, products, mainly those planned to be used to freshen up before landing.

In fact, many of our cosmetics are considered as liquids … even when it is not that obvious.

What is a liquid?

As per the air transport regulations, all of the following items are listed as liquids:
• Any liquid, including water, soups, syrups
• Creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, eau de toilette, mascara
• Sprays and pressurized containers, including shaving foams and deodorants
• Pastes, including toothpastes
• Gels, including shower gels
• Any other product with a similar texture

Thus, almost all of our cosmetics are targeted, apart for very few, such as make-up powders, which go through security checks without specific precautions.

In the passenger cabin

Specific rules apply for the "liquids" that passengers may keep with them.
• The entire set of products shall be displayed …

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