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Dark circles empty their bags thanks to cosmetics!


The eye contour is a delicate area: this is where the skin is the thinnest, and it is in constant demand (eye blinks, on-screen work, makeup). It can easily adorn itself with unattractive dark circles and bags which make us look tired. Here are some cosmetic actives and advice to prevent and reduce them.

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Dark circles and/or bags?

Dark circles and bags do not result from the same disorders. Heredity, lack of sleep, age, stress, poor circulation, hepatic fatigue or face morphology, all these are factors responsible for the appearance and chronification of these marks under our eyes.
• Dark circles are marks that look like hollows under the eyes. They turn from blue-grey to brown as blood and capillary circulation slows down in this area. As a consequence, blood pigments are not drained enough: they accumulate in vessels, and then appear to us as coloured rings by transparency.
Bags are related to an accumulation of fats and water which forms swellings under our eyelids. This deficiency increases as we get older because our skin loses elasticity, and because of a poor blood and lymphatic circulation in the contour area.

A healthy lifestyle

If you want a relaxed, serene face without any bad-looking mark around your eyes, just adopt a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.
A good night’s sleep and a better management of stress . Lack of sleep and stress-related fatigue are the main causes for the appearance of dark circles. You should sleep long enough for your body to …

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