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Dry and mature skins: ingredients to avoid

Les ingrédients à éviter pour les peaux sèches et matures

What do dry and/or mature skins need to be comfortable, tonic, supple and withstanding the signs that time goes on?  Is it enough to pick up products that claim they are exactly suitable for that?  Well … not always. Why not add, once again, that a look at the list of ingredients is a good means to choose accurately the right product?

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One may assume, quite logically, that no ingredients to avoid for a good comfort, and the right moisturization of dry and mature skins are present in products designed for them.
Unfortunately, it may be somewhat the other way. For instance, alcohol, which is a dryer and an irritant, is often used, mainly in lieu of preservatives …  

Likewise, one may assume that all the ingredients used in cosmetics are absolutely safe and without any potentially undesirable effects, as they all are allowed after the regulation designed to guarantee the safety of consumers.  
The questions about the toxicity of some ingredients, added to the U-turns of this same regulation about others, the last scientific data, all of this make us wonder whether logic rhymes with cosmetic(s) …

This is why we list the most disreputable ingredients, especially when regularly applied on the skin or present in large amounts in products.

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