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Foundation, BB, CC, tinted creams: how not to get lost?

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Things were simple until very recently: foundation or tinted cream, and the choice was made. But now dozens of BB and CC creams are invading the cosmetics market, and we are getting lost. What makes them groundbreaking? Can I use these products on my dry, oily, normal skin? What makes them different, when at the end of the day they all seem to propose the same thing? CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques has studied the case for you.

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Let’s start with a few definitions

Foundationis used to even and protect the epidermis while colouring the skin. There are dozens of shades available so that consumers can find the one that best suits their own complexion. It does not necessarily exhibit moisturizing properties, and often tends to obstruct the skin.
According to Sylvie Guichard, Make-up Scientific Communication Director at L’Oréal, foundation can be described as “a formulation that was specifically worked to receive the pigment concentration needed to even the colour of complexion”.
It can be found in any form, from compact powders to smooth creams or fluids, so that all demands can be met in terms of coverage, hold, comfort and care.

Tinted creams are actually care products, to which basic pigments were added to colour the skin: black, white, yellow and pink. They copy the natural character of the skin. According to Jean-Claude Le Joliff, President of the La Cosmétothèque association, who spent a great part of his career in the field of make-up, tinted creams are nothing but “semi-foundation”.
These creams promise a bright complexion through an immediate, natural effect.

BB creams (Blemish Balm Creams) have the same basis as care creams, but they are …

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