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Help your skin to fight winter time


The cold season is hash to skins. Yours, especially on the face, dries out, feels tight, appears dull and tired? This is normal! Cold weather added to some excesses and to the lack of restful sleep during holiday season all are factors that negatively affect the condition of your skin. Normal but not inevitable. Struggle against fate! Get out your arms (cosmetics) to win the battle of beautiful skin!

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You go out every day with it, barely dressed in a light cream or a thin foundation, and in all weather conditions. You expose it to the immediate transition from the warmth of your apartment to the rigors of the outdoors. You expose it to the wind, rain, cold and perhaps little "crowded" it in recent weeks with some classic holiday periods overeating, without giving it time to regenerate through good night’s rests. Yes, you make all this to your skin.

And how does it react?
badly, admit it. The cold disrupts it and impedes its optimal functioning. It harder removes dead cells, less well-regulates its lipid levels, tends to dry and brittle while becoming rougher and loses its luster, tingling, reddening, tugging
To sum it up: it suffers.

Do not leave it alone in adversity!
Your plan comes in three steps: clean, nourish, moisturize. And the idea is to combine these three consolations for your skin in every care gesture you offer it.

For cleansing? Opt for oil, more rich and nourishing than your usual …

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