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Oral hygiene: a tribute to good health!

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The mouth and teeth hygiene (oral hygiene) is a part, or should be a part, of the daily cosmetic cares. However, study after study, it is known that it is often badly applied, when not applied at all. In fact, it is a factor of a good overall health and of good sociability, to be revived. A practice to find again, the right things to do.

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In France, more than 26.8% of the people have already postponed or cancelled a visit to a dentist due to its cost. After a study by Colgate, a well-known brand, in fact, the cost, seen at too high, is the first reason given by French people for not going regularly to the dentist(s office.*

Further, some misconceptions are die-hard.
After a survey for Elmex, 64% of French people think that cavities concern mainly people under 19, and almost a half (47%) considers that children under 12 are the most concerned.
Only 5% are right when they think that cavities can occur any time in the life.**
Indeed, as per the data of the French High Authority for Health, less than 30% of children under 12 have at least one tooth with a cavity that needs to be cared of. This figures ups to 50% in the 12-15 group, but also, against all odds, 44% in adults. Thirty-seven per cent of old people also need care.

Health depends on teeth, too

Oral hygiene is a major factor to keep one’s mouth in good condition and healthy teeth. If neglected, it may have consequences in several areas, sometimes painful ones.

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