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Sensitive and reactive skins: the first tips


Epidermal if ever there was one, sensitive and reactive skins require a lot of attention and precautions to (re)become liveable on a daily basis. This starts with a few habits, which are to be acquired… or forgotten. It is that they are not always treated exactly as they should be, these skins so quick to react to the slightest mistreatment, and that they make these few negligences, often very expensive, pay for themselves…

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Softness in all things!

It is often first of all in daily hygiene that we must look for some causes of skin sensitivity or reactivity. The one we practice to take care of them, as well as the more general one that comes from our way of life.

It is obviously a question of limiting all attacks. And they can be of various kinds. We are not going to tell you to avoid stress or pollution: we know all too well that in this area, it is not just a matter of choice. That said, and if we remember the intimate interactions between psyche and skin health, sophrology, yoga or any other relaxing activity can figure prominently in your beauty program with interest… But it is also possible to act in a more concrete way, with more immediate results.

Don’t be impatient! Caution: if we can very quickly judge the moisturizing action of a skin care cream, or an improved comfort if we stop using tap water to rinse off our make-up remover milk, some cosmetic effects (such as those of an anti-redness product, for example) can only be precisely evaluated at the end of the entire skin regeneration cycle, …

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