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Skin cleansing: the first action for your beauty

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Do you know how important make-up removing and skin cleansing are? Do you know how to render this care more efficient? Do you know it shall be performed every single day? Do you know how to choose the products that will do a service to your epidermis? We are all supposed to know, and yet … A reminder of some badly needed basic knowledge!

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If you are looking for a cosmetic motto, here is one to embrace without any hesitation: "On every morning and every evening of every day, I’ll cleanse my face’s skin."
Yes, that is right, EVERY day, morning AND evening … and one may add, sure, but no matter how. Indeed, this basic movement is essential to keep your skin in good health and let it have brighter days.

An unavoidable way

"Wee-wee, teeth, bed!" … this is a daily requirement when a child. As from teenage, and further, for all the life long, the ritual of bedtime shall come with an additional step: make-up removing.

In the evening
A make-up remover is used to get the epidermis rid of the cosmetic products applied in the morning (foundation, powder, mascara …) and of the dust and traces of pollution left on the skin for several hours. It cleanses and refreshes the epidermis, while giving it tonus and preparing it to get the night care and to enhance its efficiency.
However, if you belong to this category of women who arrive exhausted in the evening and skipping over the face care before going to bed, try and wipe off your make-up in the beginning of …

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