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Slimming 2012, what we recommend?

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Journalists call this topic an “evergreen". Indeed, it is the kind of topic that comes back every year at the same moment (spring), and that could be almost reproduced word-for-word without being wrong. Therefore, let’s go for it! Well, what is new under this orange peel skin? Some new cosmetics (we are never short of “launches” in this area!), even some recommended by CosmetiocOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques … though always the same active ingredients that are “efficient” … and the same complementary advice for a better way of living!

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We know, because we have already tested a lot of them these past years, that slimming cosmetic products cannot be compared to a wave of a magic wand that would reduce the centimeters or minimize the appearance of a rounded waistline with a two-minute application every morning …Yes, the market is full of new references, new textures, even of kits that comprise the different products and massage accessories designed to enhance the efficiency of the active ingredients present in formulae … Nothing brand-new, but a bit of newness, nevertheless …

Obviously, one knows it is an illusion to wait for everything from a cream, but … one always wants to believe in, at least a bit!
Why not, if it can help? However, on the condition not to forget some guidelines that may make our body a slimming, slimming … slim model!

Slimming is a global approach that comes in three steps that must be addressed: a healthy lifestyle, the right cosmetic, a suitable massage. Beware; if only one of these steps is missing, it won’t be successful!

A healthy lifestyle

An investment in a slimming cosmetic, even the best one, is useless if it does not come with some …

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