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Monday, February 16, 2009Advising consumers

Which cosmetics to use on a mature skin?

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It is an unavoidable process. As for our arteries and our entire organism, bit-by-bit from the very first day of our life, our skin ages. Along the weeks, months and years, the signs of this evolution are more and more visible. As is the urge to conceal them, even to slow down the process … How can one do, what is really efficient? What are the "secrets" of the anti-ageing cosmetics?

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Skin ageing is a natural process, strongly linked to genetic or hormonal factors, with a specific time, for women, the menopause. It may be speeded up by an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, unbalanced diet, pollution …) or by over-exposures to UV radiation. The good news is that, a contrario, it may be slowed down, even limited, thanks to regular suitable care of the skin, which may begin (a word to the wise men and women!) at the end of teenage. However, even later, "something may be done" …

Description of a mature skin

It is a slow evolution … nevertheless, inch by inch, the skin becomes dryer as the sebaceous secretions (so plentiful at teen age!) go down. From the ‘40s, it becomes thinner, dryer and loses its firmness. Slowly, but surely.

Signs of slackness

pmat1 On the most sensitive parts of the body (neck, cleavage, armpits, the inside side of the thighs, belly …), it slackens, little-by-little loosens up and is sagging. On the face, it loses its resiliency, slackens; fine lines, then wrinkles to appear, first around the eyes and around the mouth, then on the forehead, then everywhere else.

Ageing signs

The skin is more and more reactive to …

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