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Baby boomers: yes to innovation… under certain conditions

Télécharger l'abstract Etude 2015 de Seniosphère : Les Baby Boomers et l’innovation en France, Allemagne, UK et Espagne.

The baby boom generation will reach 16 million by 2015. Raised in the cult of consumerism and marketing, how do they approach innovation today, what do they expect from it and how do they view new products? A study, conducted by Seniosphère Conseil and Future Thinking, unveils this strategic target for brands.

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Representing 26% of the population, with a disposable income that is often higher than the national average and a real estate portfolio, European baby boomers (50-70 years old) represent a key target for brands in many areas.
Having grown up in a favourable economic context, they belong to the consumer and marketing generation whose daily lives have been profoundly disrupted by the innovations of the past fifty years.They were the first to benefit from innovations that profoundly revolutionized their lifestyles: 1st hypermarket (1963), frozen dishes (1968), UHT milk (1969), disposable diapers (1971), microcomputer (1973), smart card (1974)..;

In 2015, the first representatives of this generation celebrated their 70th birthday and all baby boomers are in a phase of maturity: the first effects of ageing, the departure of children, the approach of retirement represent turning points in their lives and give rise to new expectations and new needs.
While previous generations have experienced these changes with resignation, baby boomers are ready to change and adopt innovations that would help them to better live this new phase of their lives. But with many years of consumption, they will continue to be a strategic target for brands and also address innovations with the …

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