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Beauty consultants essential for customers

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Whether 100% sure about their purchase or completely undecided, perfume shop customers want contact with a beauty consultant! Product recommended, purchase made… Reco Beauty, a marketing study company, has gone over perfume shop customers’ experiences with a fine-tooth comb.

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What is the role of beauty consultants? Are customers approached in the fragrance department as much as in the make-up department? Reco Beauty will bring you up to speed…

Beauty consultant, a true chameleon: sales assistant but also a real expert

In all cases, whether or not the consumer has a precise purchase in mind, buyers agree that a beauty consultant is useful, even essential, in the perfume shop. She reassures them in their choice and empowers them while meeting specific expectations, depending on the products bought.

In the fragrance department – even if most of the time they know what they want to buy – customers like it when beauty consultants have them test new fragrances.
In the make-up and skin care department, customers are more demanding: advice and assistance are important. The consultant must be a "technician" to meet the customers’ needs.

Beauty consultants have everything to gain by pampering cosmetics and make-up consumers!

When a customer enters a perfume shop to buy cologne, ¾ of the time she has a precise idea in mind.

On the other hand, cosmetics or make-up consumers are more indecisive when they enter a perfume shop. They expect recommendations. Thus, the consultant …

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