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Conquering Generation Z

À la conquête de la génération Z

Z is not only the last letter of the alphabet, it also refers to the last generation of consumers, born between 1995 and 2015. This target is quite demanding and does not have the same expectations as its elders. in-cosmetic Connect has published some data and figures in order to better understand these “Z’s” and especially to offer them adapted care.

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They may be young (at least for now since nothing lasts forever), but that’s no reason to underestimate them. Zs represent 32% of the population. They have an important purchasing power and they love cosmetics. And they are likely to become the community with the largest beauty budget in the years to come. Currently, women belonging to this group spend an average of 301 euros per year.
“It is therefore imperative that professionals in the sector (from suppliers to marketers) understand their needs and start building strong relationships with them now,” warns in-cosmetic Connect.

Early, Educated and Connected
Generation Z is educated to beauty from a very young age. 60% of them bought their first skin care products before the age of 14 (only 39% of Millenials are in this case). Spending more than six hours (on average) on their cell phone and thus following their favorite brands on social networks may explain this advanced cosmetic sensitivity.

This hyper presence on the Internet leads the Zs to cross-check and verify all the information they are given. As a result, they become more and more experts and are much less permeable to marketing discourse. “Knowledge is synonymous with empowerment and the …

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