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Consumption by use: a new weapon to retain consumers

Télécharger l'étude complète de L'Observatoire des Services Clients 2014 BVA-Viséo Conseil

Viséo Conseil, a consulting firm in Customer Relationship Management, unveils its"Customer Services Observatory 2014", based on a survey conducted by BVA among 1019 people on their expectations in customer relations, their habits and the image they have of them. Results: 37% of French people are classified as"zappers", 40% believe that brands do not take their opinions or suggestions into account and 68% are aware that they are tracked by brands;

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37% of the French are"zappers" of brands

The first observation drawn from the analysis of the results of this survey is that only 47% of French people describe themselves as"faithful", while 37% are classified as"zappers" (1). While the majority of loyal customers are people over 50, retired, couples without children, zappers are generally young people aged 18 to 24 students, rather suspicious of brands.

The lack of competitiveness of the offer is the reason for the infidelity to a brand cited by 42% of French people. 19% changed brands because the products and services no longer met their expectations, and 12% felt they had not received the service because of their loyalty.

The most competitive sectorsThe lowest loyalty rates are clothing (63%), mass retail (62%) and cultural and leisure products (53%). At the bottom of the list, 10% of French people have changed gas or electricity suppliers, 20% of Internet access providers and 22% of banks and insurance companies.

The future of brands depends on consumption for use
While 40% of French consumers believe that brands do not take their opinions or suggestions into account, these must meet increasingly discriminating expectations in order to retain their customers.

Personalization of customer …

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