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Wednesday, September 21, 2016Consumers

Eco-worriers and their market impact

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Sixty-four percent of consumers across the world claim that they try to have a positive impact on the environment on an everyday basis. According to a white paper published by Euromonitor International, as consumers become more environmentally conscious, organisations need to adapt to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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In 2013, a Euromonitor International survey asked consumers around the world about their approach to environmental issues and found that a massive 64% claimed that they try to have a positive impact on the environment on an everyday basis. Green issues are no longer the territory of the outlier, no longer a niche area only of interest to a specific demographic: they are issues that affect and influence all of us, the young and the old, men and women, rich and poor, from both the developed and developing worlds.

Companies are also taking environmental concerns more seriously. With increased regulatory pressure on the horizon, new and more sophisticated lobbying from NGOs that incorporates incentives as well as shaming and a rise in consumer activism via social media have created a new need for companies to be both transparent and authentic in their environmental strategies. While 'greenwashing' is still commonplace, there is a slow shift towards a more genuine approach to green issues, as companies start to see the value in leading rather than following.

Who are the eco-worriers

In some sense, everyone is, to a degree, an eco-worrier. The eco worrier is not defined by a particular profile or demographic, …

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