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How is luxury sector perceived by the French?

Comment le secteur du luxe est-il perçu par les Français ?

In this context of health crisis, consumers are increasingly interested in buying ethical and committed brands. And luxury goods, including cosmetics, are no exception to this trend. But does this sector meet the expectations of the French? L’Observatoire Cetelem has conducted a survey to find out whether it is compatible in a sustainable society.

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This study was conducted online, from November 5 to 6, 2020, on a sample of 1020 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over.

Luxury and commitment

“When French people think about sustainable development (social responsibility, environment, etc.), luxury does not at first sight seem to them to be a good student in this area. Only 35% believe that this is the case for the luxury sector, which ranks it last among a set of 9 economic sectors,” introduces L’Observatoire Cetelem. Citizens remain demanding and consider that a certain duty to set an example is incumbent on this prestigious industry. Thus, nine out of ten French people say that luxury must be irreproachable in terms of eco-responsibility.
But this sector does not necessarily have a good press among consumers. “The French readily attribute to it commercial ulterior motives hidden behind some semblance of social motivation: 68% of them assume that a luxury brand committed to sustainable development does so primarily to improve its image through a communication campaign, compared with 32% who say they believe in a sincere approach,” says L’Observatoire Cetelem.

Consumers are also skeptical about the sector’s ability to adapt to the challenges facing society, such …

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