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Tuesday, May 4, 2021Consumers

Hygiene and confinement, what a shame!

Hygiène et confinement, c'est du propre !

“French are dirty”, here is a popular belief that has a reputation among our neighbors across the Atlantic. But is this reputation really deserved? That’s what the latest study conducted by IFOP and sponsored by the solid cosmetics brand Unbottled seems to imply. It seems that the sanitary situation has had a negative impact on the hygiene of the French citizens.

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The survey was conducted among a sample of 2,027 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over.

Confinement goes with slackness

French people’s personal hygiene has deteriorated considerably over the past year.
Prior to March 2020, 81% of women performed a complete toilet per day. By April 2021, this had dropped to 67%. For men, the results are even less glorious (71% versus 59%).
According to the IFOP study, singles tend to wash less than couples (55% versus 66% for men, 70% versus 89% for women).

And what about the hair?

Are the French more careful with their mane? The answer is… no!
Only 35% of those surveyed say they clean their hair at least every other day.
This time, the dunce (or pig) cap is awarded to women. Thirty-two percent of them wash their hair every other day, compared to 46 percent of men.

• 82% of respondents wash their hair as often as they did before the lockdown
• 12% of respondents wash their hair less frequently than before the lockdown
• 6% of respondents wash their hair more frequently than before confinement

Reasons for wanting to wash hair less include:
• Improving the quality of …

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