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Local or worldwide cosmetics: what do the Chinese prefer?

Cosmétique locale ou mondiale : que préfèrent les Chinois ?

For many years, foreign brands were considered prestigious and luxurious by the Chinese. But the tide is turning for international players, leaving the field open for domestic competition. ChemLinked conducted a survey among Chinese people to find out their taste for different consumer goods, including cosmetics.

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In the past, citizens did not trust ‘Made in China’ because of the questionable quality and old-fashioned design of the products,” ChemLinked introduced. However, with the continuous development of China’s economy, service, reputation and cultural identity have become the new labels of local brands.

ChemLinked conducted a survey with a sample of 3,000 Chinese people on April 22, 2021.
The majority of respondents were female, with a proportion of 74.62%.
Most of the panelists are between 18 and 50 years old.
They were asked about their preferences in the following categories:
• food
• beverages
• children’s products
• cosmetics
• pet food

Key findings

69% of the panelists indicate that they prefer to buy imported brands for the same price.

The reasons that drive them to consume this way are:
• quality (72%)
• brand awareness (69%)

Nevertheless, 93% of them declare that they are ready to buy more local products in the future.
They explain this willingness by:
• patriotism (81%)
• ease of access to products (56%)

Focus on beauty

Facial care
Currently, foreign brands in the beauty industry are more popular in China than domestic brands (85% versus 14%).

Consumers prefer them because of:
• Their …

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