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Natural and organic cosmetics: consumer perceptions and expectations

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On February 13, market research agency Harris Interactive presented the results of a survey conducted in collaboration with CosmeticOBS on cosmetics naturalness. On the agenda: deciphering of new challenges for natural and organic beauty, consumer perception of this segment, role of labels, importance of ingredients… and one conclusion: naturalness will definitely be a cosmetics market driver in 2018. But what naturalness?

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This qualitative survey was conducted online in December 2017 among 1,000 people (men and women aged 15+, even if the analysis mainly focused on women) representative of the French population.

From environmental concerns to nature’s attractiveness

Generally speaking, the environment is an area of concern for many French people: 89% declare they make conscious recycling efforts, and 79% prefer socially responsible brands. One of the consequences is that buying organic products is already a well-established consumption pattern: 80% of the people surveyed declare they purchase organic foodstuffs from time to time and 54% at least once a month. 69% and 28% do the same for cleaning products, 22% and 10% for hygiene and baby care products.
75% are also concerned about the risks their skins are exposed to.

A push towards naturalness

What is the impact of these trends on natural and organic cosmetics?
If 85% French women admit they search for efficient products, 68% also declare they are more convinced by natural solutions than scientific ones, and 67% are preoccupied with their products’ safety. 60% declare they carefully read their composition and 54% are willing to pay more for natural or organic products.

Searching for information

These concerned women …

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